Some More

What more we can offer you?

Database Solutions Expansion assistance, data migration, data backup, and database optimization services are just a few of the resources available to help your business grow. Let us help turn your aging information structure into a data powerhouse!

eCommerce So, your website needs to make sales? We've got you covered! Your products can be available to the world, instead of just your local area with our ecommerce options. You can edit your inventory, calculate shipping, provide secure credit card purchases, and much more!

Social Media Social media has exploded as a marketing tool, and you can't afford to miss out on this opportunity. Let us help you do social media the simple way. Our one click seamless updating program lets you stay on top of your social media presence, and keeps you fresh and relevant with your audience.

Project Management Every good project needs a clear direction, with someone leading the way and keeping the others on track. Every single project at Hitcents is managed and organized in such a way that ensures the details are in order and that progress is made in the most efficient way. Maintaining proper order and direction keeps your project on deadline.